Costs breakdown into three basic categories; soft costs, module costs, and on-site costs. Module costs start at $160 per a square foot. Soft costs and on-site costs are harder to determine without conducting a feasibility study to better understand site specific conditions.


These costs include a feasibility study, site specific design, engineering, necessary permitting, and will be defined by your specific feasibility process.


The factory constructed HOMB modules start at $160 per a square foot with our standard specification package. Two levels of specification upgrades are available. Fencing and decks are factory fabricated, and are in addition to the base pricing.


On-site construction costs include excavation, backfill, utilities, drainage, foundation, driveway, landscaping, trucking, crane, installation and button up. These costs will vary due to the projects location, layout, development details, and can be hard to bid at the completion of the design and engineering phase.