HOMB is based on 100 square foot triangular modules that can be infinitely configured and expanded upon. Whether designing an 800 square foot cabin or a 40,000 square foot mixed-use building, the system is an intelligent and efficient choice for a variety of projects both commercial and residential.



800SF – 5,000SF

HOMB modules make great homes. Whether designing an 800 square foot cabin or a 5,000 square foot multi-story home, HOMB is a great choice. Modules can adapt to a variety of site restraints. HOMBS in the past have responded to single dwellings on sites as narrow as 20 feet and multiple dwellings on sites as large as 7,000 acres.


5,000SF – 15,000SF

There are a variety of medium scale applications for HOMB modules. Prefabrication helps cut time and costs allowing for a fast building process for commercial HOMBS. Medium scale projects have previously included projects such as food cart pods, ski lodges and motels. HOMB modules can be engineered for temporary sites, allowing them to be moved to new locations as needed.



High-density HOMB projects can support multiple uses in one building. Incorporating residential module layouts with larger commercial module layouts provides a variety of mixed-use solutions for urban sites. The triangular form of HOMB modules can be configured to create unique patterns within large buildings.